CV Stelios Mantzaris

Mr. Stelios A. Mantzaris is an economist and entrepreneur with a background in Business Administration from the School of Management and Economics at the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus (1988). He has specialized studies in International Law in Business (Syracuse University, NY, USA) in 1991 and holds a postgraduate degree (M.Sc.) from the University of Western Attika and the University of the Aegean in Entrepreneurship in Tourism, specializing in "Tourism Destination Management" in 2018. As an entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience, he has established, activated, and managed a range of successful businesses in Greece and abroad, including the United States, Indonesia, Qatar, Bulgaria, and Romania. Through his entrepreneurial activities, he has also been involved in a variety of consulting services in Greece and abroad. Notable is his collaboration with the Ministry of Development of Indonesia through the state-owned company "PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero), ITC," and the establishment of export stations in six Balkan countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Romania, Croatia).

In Greece, he worked as a Tourism Special Advisor to the Regional Governor for the Northern Aegean Region from September 2020 to September 2021. He also acts as a Development Consultant in the field of tourism for Varos SA AΞΤΕ, which owns two hotel units in Lemnos, developing the Italian model of "L ‘ Albergo Diffuso." The project has received 14 international awards in tourism and is becoming a model for Greece.

He has been the President of the Lemnos Hoteliers Association since 2013, and through the campaigns and public relations programs he initiated, he significantly increased the number of inbound tourists and tourism investments on the island. In 2021, he was elected to the Hotel Chamber of Greece for the Northern Aegean Region.

He is considered a collaborator of the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) due to his years of collaboration with the public sector in developing pillars for Greek tourism. Through the Lemnos Hoteliers Association, he established "The Lemnos Friends of Anzac" association, which facilitated a joint project with Australian funding to create an Open Air Museum in Lemnos, with an investment of 5 million AUD.

Lately, he has worked as a consultant in private contracts in the energy sector (e.g., Energy Dynamic of Ilia SA, Wind of Lemnos SA, etc.). He also served as the Executive Chairman of the Tailors Group – Biodiesel and Biofuel Company, overseeing the development of two exceptional plants, one for Glycerin production (budget: 3 million EUR) and the other for Biofuel production, including electricity generation (budget: 68 million EUR). These projects are located in Ritsona and Kavala.

At the same time, he is the CEO and Founder of the company "" (since 2021), a destination management company specializing in marketing and management ( The company is expanding simultaneously in Romania (Destination- Romania Srl.) and in other Balkan countries. He has authored and published a series of publications, including studies on tourism development, entrepreneurship, and alternative tourism models, in various academic platforms.

Mr. Mantzaris is married to Lena K. Liasca, and they have two daughters. He is fluent in English and Indonesian and divides his time between Lemnos, Athens, and other Northern Aegean islands for his responsibilities with the Hotel Chamber of Greece.